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Episode 114: Kate Westwood

A Melbourne Australia based Kate Westwood is an independent singer-songwriter in her own right, radio announcer and owner of music management entity, Westwood Management. Kate is the founder of...

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Episode 113: The Mack Brothers

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Songversations Podcast, a journey to the heart and soul of songwriting and music. Our guest today is a duo from Philadelphia,...

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Episode 112: Gracie Jean

Gracie Jean is an up and coming alt-country/folk independent artist, new to the music scene that has been playing around the Sydney area. She is releasing her first album...

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Episode 111: Madi Colville-Walker

Our guest today is Madi Colville-Walker, an exciting talent that defies musical boundaries and a proud Yorta Yorta indigenous woman who is taking the Australian music scene by storm....

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Episode 110: Steve Lucas

Our guest today is Steve Lucas a singer/songwriter, producer and the co-founder of the legendary Australian punk/rock band ‘X’. Grown up in Sydney Steve got his first guitar at...

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Episode 109: Cush Ryder

Our guest today is Cush Ryder,  a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. After picking up a guitar at a very early age, something clicked and his passion for entertaining...

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