Episode 107: Wesley Dean

Wesley Dean, widely known as Wes Carr, is an Adelaide native singer songwriter that for more than a dozen years has been one of Australia’s best-known artists.

Wesley’s journey began when he was 8 years old as a gifted vocalist that started by singing along to The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson classics at a young age, before to became a fixture on Sydney’s barroom stages as Wes Carr, before he could legally drink.

Appearing on and winning the sixth season of Australian Idol made Wesley a household name across the continent and after that he released two gold-certified singles along with a studio album that peaked at Number 2 on Australia’s charts.

After more than a decade of performing and touring he left Sydney for the Sunshine Coast in Australia to pursue a quitter and simpler life.
In this place he rediscovered his love for song writing and a new spark that re-ignited his music career and that saw him in early 2021 boarding on a plane with his wife and two sons at his side toward their new home in Nashville.
Wes just released the incredible album new, “Unknown” with sonorities and collaborations of his new musical hometown but with a deep grasp on his personal life and story.

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