Episode 113: The Mack Brothers

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Songversations Podcast, a journey to the heart and soul of songwriting and music.
Our guest today is a duo from Philadelphia, The Mack Brothers, who took the indie rock sound of the 2000s, the ego of 90s Brit Pop, and the honesty of today’s music to create their own blend of alternative rock.
Real life siblings, John and Matthew, started writing music at the ages of 16 and 13, after putting out multiple records, sound tracking independent films, and touring the east coast with their former band “The 1940s,” John and Matthew decided that forming “The Mack Brothers” was the best and next step in their evolution as artists.

They have released multiple singles under the new name including single “Cup of Coffee,” charted on the College Radio Charts in America beating out some of their idols in the process and their latest single “4th of July”.

The two siblings have also started the “The Mack Brothers Podcast,” which shines a light into the life and attitude of the musicians while they’re on their way up.
Check out The Mack Brothers on all streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and many more.

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