Episode 17: Allison Forbes

Our guest today is Tamworth’s rebel child, Allison Forbes, a new-age outlaw of country music. Nominated for 4 x Australian County Music Golden Guitars in 2021.
Allison’s debut album ‘Bonedigger’, produced by ARIA Award-winner Shane Nicholson, debuted at #1 on the ARIA Australian country music charts in February. Bonedigger is a record that is frank and direct about herself and the world around her and all through the gutsy, powerful album,
Forbes lays out reasons to care about how you live, how you treat others, but especially how you treat yourself.

Coming out the other side of busted hearts and busted lives, wise choices on mental health, reminders to enjoy yourself however it plays out – it may be a debut but it sounds like it was made by someone who knows who she is and what she can do.
Allison Forbes has secured her spot tightly in Australia’s alt-country scene. Brave and authentic, will insightful lyrics and addictive melodies, her stories will hit you deeply. She is an honest and inspiring performer, her voice soars easily through any style with strength, warmth, and consideration.

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