Episode 18: Kere Buchanan

Our guest for this episode of Songversations is Kere Buchanan.
You could be mistaken for thinking that Kere Buchanan has just been a session musician because he is more than just that. Supported by an incredible knowledge and feeling for music in all forms his talent goes way beyond his playing ability as a songwriter, producer, musical director, and recording artist.
Among the list of collaborations, recording sessions, music projects and productions he has been involved with is incredible, and include performing for a long list of artists including David Campbell, Margaret Urlich, Louie Shelton, Chris Lloyds, Shania Twain, Marcia Hines Wendy Matthews, Tina Arena/ Human Nature/ Kylie Minogue, Dionne Warwick, Felicity Urquhart, Karen Lynne, Grace Knight, Simon Bruce, Bella, and the list goes on and on.

Kere has been on tour with many artists including a decade with Marcia Hines, but also with Tina Arena, Grace Knight, Doug Parkinson, Steve Clisby, Jeff Duff just to mention some.

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