Episode 19: Clint Wilson

Melbournian Singer/ Songwriter Clint Wilson possesses that rare and special something in his songwriting, that makes his fans instantly connect to his story. Justifiably compared to the likes of Paul Kelly and Crowded House, Clint’s nostalgic Folk, Alt-Country music is an enjoyable amble through the tradition of storytelling in song.
Growing up in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Clint was exposed to a life of music and performance from an early age. Although his family was not inherently musical themselves, the young singer was encouraged with piano lessons and a love for the guitar before reaching his ninth birthday. Surrounded by the sounds of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Slim Dusty, Clint began a lifelong love affair with the Country sound. Once in high school, Clint took to forming a band with his fellow schoolmates and the rest is history.

Arriving in late 2020 and Clint’s latest musical offerings come in the form of a ten track album ‘Another Death in the Family’, which is released on September 11th. The album includes the latest single ‘Family Tree’, which airs on August 28th and was recorded at EOR Studio by Damian Cafarella and Lachlan Bryan. It’s self-evident, reading between the lines of Clints music, that his connection to his Country roots is a strong one.  
Clint’s passion for his music is something that is felt tangibly in his performance and writing style. He is a singer and songwriter who obviously feels a deep connection to his role as a storyteller and his position in the long hall of Country Music is one that can be understood in terms of its classic down-to-earth aesthetic. As he speaks of his motivation for playing the songs and writing the music  “One of my favorite things as a songwriter is having someone come up to me, or send me a message that tells me that they relate to my music. That really keeps you going. I just want to keep putting music out that people relate to.”

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