Episode 25: Billie-Jo Porter

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Songversations Podcast, a journey to the heart of songwriting and music. Our guest today is Billie-Jo Porter.

For country girl Billie-Jo Porter the journey into music has been a natural one. Growing close to the nation’s country music capital Tamworth, it seems appropriate that Billie-Jo felt drawn to the influences of songwriters like Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Shania Twain and the Waifs.
Growing up in a music loving family Billie-Jo was immersed in the songs of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, John Williamson, and Carol King.

Her ambitions to sing began in her primary school years, but it was not until in her 20’s that the young songwriter jumped into a newfound passion for the guitar and the lyrics.
Inspired by overseas traveling and an overwhelming sense of freedom and experience, Billie-Jo discovered her calling, and her writing has been prolific within the 15 years of her songwriting.
With numerous live performances under her belt, most notably including the Summer Street Fest in Canada, Bello Winter Music Festival, and Tamworth Country Music Festival, 2021 is a year to bring her growing fanbase a taste of the recorded music, with her first single ‘Feels Like Us’ just release, a number of follow up singles due, before the release of her debut album, released with the ARIA award-winner producer and singer-songwriter Nicholson, at his Central Coast Studio ‘The Sound Hole’.

Her outstanding talent as a songwriter has been evident through not just her own music but in her co-writing as well with collaborations with other artists like the band Quasi Dada, the result of which was an EP, Kevin Bennett in co-writing a duet, Andrew Swift’s latest single ‘Head Full of Honey’ and Kyle Gale’s single ‘Upside Down’.

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