Episode 30: Roxanne Kiely & Stephen Kiely

Our guests today are Roxanne Kaily and Stephen Kaily.

Roxanne has made a significant contribution to the Australian music industry. She has released two albums of original music, had songs featured on international television programs and, more recently, on a popular ABC compilation.
Roxanne is a songwriter, vocal coach, mentor, poet, and writer. She is the creator, artistic director, and co-songwriter for the Busy Izzy and Friends project, which currently boasts award winning songs, fun and interactive video clips, an all new stage show, and picture books featuring rhythm and rhyme and healthy recipes for kids.
Director of the ever-expanding music school, ScoopFX Music, Roxanne’s artistic practice focuses on nurturing emerging Australian talent and strongly emphasizes mentoring and developing the talents of younger artists, and her talent is demonstrated through the success of the stellar list of students she has developed, among them; Delta Goodrem, Bec Hewitt, X-Factor 2014 winner Marlisa, Ella Hooper, Hayley Warner, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Ivy Adara
Roxanne is also the co-founder and President of the not-for-profit songwriting organization Songsalive! Australia, which supports Australian songwriters.

Stephen is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and performer, website designer, multi-media and digital creative director and co-songwriter for the Busy Izzy and Friends series.
He has written and produced film soundtracks, advertising jingles, and songs covering genres as diverse as rock and country, through swing and jazz.
Together with Roxanne Kiely, has taken part in over 10,000 stage shows and performances, nationally and internationally.
Based on the strength of his songwriting, Stephen
was signed, at age 19, to a 3-year publishing contract by EMI Publishing.
Classically trained on piano, Stephen has extended the instruments he plays to include guitar, bass, drums, organ, ukulele and harmonica. His abilities on these instruments have led him to work on stage and in the studio with many of Australia’s top-ranked performers.

Both have had extensive experience as event organizers, due in no small part to their 20 years directing Songsalive! Australia showcases and workshops, as well as running the ‘Search for a Star’ competition for clubs in NSW.

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