Episode 52: Eagle & The Wolf

Our guest for this episode is the duo ‘Eagle & The Wolf”.
Symbiosis, that innate interaction between two people that results in creative sparks, new life and artistic reward, is at the core of the personal and artistic relationship that Sarah Humphreys & Kristen Lee Morris have formed and nurtured together. In life and music they’ve trodden their own successful paths, but together – that’s where a unique type of magic happens.

Individually, Morris has made his mark with his solo albums Ruins (2014) and Hillbilly Blues (2018) while Humphreys achieved national recognition with four indie-folk albums, most recently Strange Beauty in 2019. When the Blue Mountains duo released their debut self-titled album in 2016 they received widespread acclaim for the way they interlaced their vocal harmonies with deep and heartfelt resonance, across sonic landscapes of folk and country music. The Sydney Morning Herald described it as “a reminder of why Gram and Emmylou’s brief partnership still resonates 40 years on.”

Outside of the studio, Eagle & The Wolf took their music to the people, over the last five years sharing stages with the likes of The Blind Boys of Alabama (USA), Phil and Dave Alvin (USA), Kasey Chambers, Charlie Parr (USA), Kim Richie (USA), Archie Roach, Katie Noonan and Kevin Bennett.

Their new album ‘Two Lovers’ is a collection of songs that sigh and swoon with stark honesty and romantic optimism. Inhabiting the world of atmospheric folk, primal blues and the shimmer and sway of the best kind of country music, these vignettes portray the trials and tribulations of life. With their sublime voices leading the dance, the music of Eagle & The Wolf possesses a direct line to a kind of earthly gospel that makes it inherently soul music.

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