Episode 56: Mitch Dean

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Songversations Podcast, a journey to the heart of songwriting and music.
Our guest today is Mitch Dean.
Mitch is an independent singer songwriter from Melbourne, Australia that started his musical journey with acoustic guitar sessions with his dad, in the shed of their Mornington Peninsula home. That experience piqued his curiosity and led to the realisation that he could write and primitively record his own early attempts at songwriting.

From there the world opened up as Mitch dove headfirst into the heady rush of rock ā€™nā€™ roll, initially with garage-rock band The Marzies and then, in 2005, a swing down the dusty road of country-rock with The Distance ā€“ the band in which Mitch would find his feet and gain his alt- country bearings over the ensuing decade.

After the success of his Suburban Speakeasy EP (2017), Mitch has delved deeper into his creative well and crafted an album that blends soulful Americana from its key components of country, folk and the blues, Mitch published his latest album Holding Back The Levee in 2020.

This album with evocative storytelling, rich musicality and the heartfelt lyrics, sounds like an album that has been crafted by a songwriter who knows the importance of allowing songs the space to breathe and their melodies and phrasing to shine, and had the honour to have one of his heroes, Kevin Bennett, to sing as guest vocals on the album title track.

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