Episode 63: Camille Trail

Camille Trail was introduced to the joy of music at an early age.

She learned piano from the age of 8 and was soon writing her own songs.
After high school she committed to her musical ambitions and studied song writing at the JMC Academy in Brisbane. 

While attending the Academy Camille would study by day and play as many gigs as possible at night – honing her craft, testing her songs on audiences and finding a community of peers while writing the songs on her forthcoming album.

Camille sent a demo to Shane Nicholson asking if he’d be interested in producing her album.
Nicholson responded enthusiastically and the album was recorded in three weeks in 2019.

Since graduating from JMC with a Bachelor of Music, specialising in songwriting, in April 2019  Camille’s sultry melting pot of country, folk, blues and gospel has earned accolades far and wide as well as three top 30 singles on the Music Network Country Airplay chart. Her single Devil’s Drink peaked at #19 on that chart and its follow up Little History featured on Spotify’s Country Chill and Apple Music’s Southern Craft playlists with over 130, 000 streams to date.

Camille’s new single Holding Pattern, a duet with Brad Butcher, was written by Shane Nicholson with Matt Benbrook (Dido, Lana Del Ray) and Amy Lawton on a writing trip to London in 2019. It brings the two gifted Queenslanders together for the first time and there was never any doubt that the extraordinary Shane Nicholson would produce the track. The single skyrocketed on the charts landing at #6 on the Music Network Charts.

Camille has just released the haunting new single ‘I Know I’m Hard To Love’, one of the most personal and vulnerable releases to date.

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