Episode 74: Al Gammie

Our guest today is Al Gammie, a singer songwriter form Melbourne, Australia.
Relatively new to the music world his distinct, emotive, and raw voice is product of his many years fronting mostly heavy rock bands.
Making himself heard over Marshall amps set to 11 and thunderous drums developed a natural power and robustness in his voice making it a point of difference as he now enters the Americana/folk/roots/country arena.  

Through a difficult time in his personal life, during the height of the pandemic, Al reconnected with his passion. Through many muses, mentors and inspiration, he was compelled to draw out everything he was feeling, telling universal stories through his songs with an organic honesty he had never explored.
Tapping influences from childhood such as Roy Orbison, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen to name just a few, he rarely put the pen or guitar down in 2020.
Al worked with collaborators around the world, exchanging audio files from Nashville to London to Los Angeles and beyond. Before he knew it, he had a complete album recorded.

Al Gammie is rapidly establishing himself as a singer-songwriter and someone to keep your eye on in 2022

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