Episode 88: Bill Chambers

I’m really very excited to introduce you the artist for this episode, Bill Chambers, an Australian multi-instrumentalist country musician & producer that has been for decades a prominent figure of the music industry both in Australia and internationally.

Bill Chambers grew up in a small town in South Australia fascinated by American music. As a teenager he played any stringed instrument he could get his hands on. While his children were still toddlers, Chambers moved with his family into the Australian outback for few years.
During this time of living off the land, the Chambers family spent many nights singing country classics around the campfire. In 1987, he returned to music invigorated and formed the Dead Ringer Band featuring daughter Kasey Chambers. For the next several years the band toured all over the world. Their Released, Red Desert Sky in 1993, Home Fires in 1995, Living in the Circle in 1997, and Hopeville in 1998.

By the mid-’90s Chambers and the Dead Ringer Band had received numerous awards, leading to Chambers’ role as an in-demand studio musician and producer.
In 1999 he began recording with neo-traditionalist country singer Audrey Auld, and together in 1998 they released Looking Back to See, produced by their new founded independent label Reckless Records.   

By 2000 daughter Kasey had established herself as a successful solo artist with Bill playing a prominent role both in the studio and on the road.
In 2002 Chambers set up his own studio, the Boneyard, and finally began working on his first solo release, Sleeping with the Blues. The album is a showcase for Chambers’ dedication to American country, folk, and blues. Frozen Ground in 2006, Drifting South in 2009, Live at the Pub Tamworth in 2013, Cold Trail 2016 and 1952 in 2019.

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