Episode 93: Nick O’Mara

Our guest today is Nick O’Mara..

Nick O’Mara is a multi instrumentalist, singer and song writer from Melbourne.
His songs are a mixture of acoustic, fingerpicking guitar with sonorities creating an atmospheric alt-country.

Nick won hearts far and wide with his former band Raised By ‘Eagles’, and with his critically acclaimed pop-folk duo ‘Amarillo’ with partner Jac Tonks.

His work has also seen him win the Music Victoria Awards 2015 as Best Emerging Artist and Best Country Album and 2017’s Best Country Album.

Regarded as one of Melbourne’s most talented & intuitive guitar players and something of a master at creating mood and atmosphere, Nick has toured extensively both with his own bands and as a sought-after lap steel and resonator player for many acts, including Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission.
Nick’s first solo album, “Overland”, has been released yesterday March 25th 2022.

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