Podcast: Australiana

Episode 104: Tom Curtain

Tom Curtain is an entertainer, musician, horseman, businessman, entrepreneur and family-man living and working in the outback of Australia. Tom discovered his passion for song-writing while working in the stock-camp of Mt Sanford Station, 500kms south of Katherine, NT. What started as some fun singing around the campfire, lead to the release of his first…

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Episode 100: Various Artists

This episode wants to be a celebrations of our first 99 Guest Artists, a compilations of moments with the first 99 guests we have had on the show in this first year.It’s a way to celebrate their wisdom, their friendship and their diversity. All the questions/answers and the guests order is totally random and in…

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Episode 81: Matt Scullion

Our guest today is Matt Scullion an Australiana Folk singer songwriter that is known in the industry as a songwriter to the stars having his songs recorded by the likes of Lee and Tania Kernaghan, Sara Storer, Adam Harvey, Jayne Denham, Amber Lawrence and Cold Chisel to name but a few- 22 of those going…

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