Episode 018: Kere Buchanan

Our guest today is Kere Buchanan.

Mainly drummer but multi-instrumentalist Kere started to play drums on gigs around Christchurch New Zealand with his dad when he was 12 and at the young age of 13 was the winner of ‘Most Outstanding Young Musician of the Year’ for drums @ the Tauranga Jazz Festival NZ. From that moment the list of collaborations, recording sessions, music projects, and productions he has been involved with is incredible, a career that took him to play around the world while keeping receiving acknowledgments and performing requests by a long list of artists including David Campbell, Margaret Urlich, Louie Shelton, Chris Lloyds, Shania Twain, Marcia Hines Wendy Matthews, Tina Arena/ Human Nature/ Kylie Minogue, Dionne Warwick, Felicity Urquhart, Karen Lynne, Grace Knight, Simon Bruce, Bella and has been in tour with many artists including a decade with Marcia Hines, but also with Tina Arena, Grace Knight, Doug Parkinson, Steve Clisby, Jeff Duff just to mention some.