Episode 028: Storm & Stone

Our guests today are the group Storm & Stone.

Storm & Stone is not your average family band. The three siblings (Auriel, August & Hallelujah) came from humble beginnings in the Blue Mountains. Their parents were teenage sweethearts and were really the backbone of their start in music, something that was always a part of the family life. Raised on Dolly Parton and Led Zeppelin, instruments were always left around the home for anyone to play.

The girls during to Europe met fellow musician and collaborator Yambi, and with the Icelandic DJ and their producer Matt “Xiro” Fioravanti. While recording the album they met the founders of Glasshouse Productions, who were pulling together their debut feature film, the much anticipated Australian Feature Film “Love You Like That” which is premiering in 2021. Not long after, the band gave a sneak preview of the album they were recording for the film and soon found a number of the album’s tracks placed into the film’s soundtrack. They’ve gone from strength to strength ever since. Their debut single ‘Bad’ was released independently earlier this year, showcasing the band’s talents and garnered over 37k streams on Spotify and a new following growing internationally.